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We are happy to introduce our new program! It’s been developed specifically to assist you with getting approved faster and without having to come out of pocket for your Down Payment. You’ve heard that right…nothing out of pocket! We call this true 100% financing.

Read below for more information on Home Assist and to find out if this a program for you. Our team is always ready to assist you when you have a question about how our program works.

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How do I qualify for Home Assist?

Home Assist works for buyers with a qualified Credit Score, Debt-to-Income Ratio, and Monthly/Yearly Income. Our preferred lender will assess your qualifications once your credit is pulled and they have spoken with you about your finances. You are required to use our preferred lender and use our program without a realtor. Realtors typically get 3-5% commission on the sale of a home from a builder, so instead of that percentage being paid to a realtor, it is gifted to you to go towards the purchase of the home. That’s a win!

Is it OK for me to buy a home without a realtor?

Yes, it is okay to buy a home from us without having a realtor. For example, if you were buying a $300,000+ custom home where you don’t know all the caveats and areas to negotiate, having a realtor is advised in most cases based on your knowledge of real estate and the construction process. All of our homes are customizable to an extent, but not fully custom like most other home builders. That’s a good thing! It keeps construction timelines faster, streamlined, and efficient for both parties.

If you do need realtor assistance throughout your home buying process to understand a bit more of the process, we have a licensed realtor onsite every day at our Model Center to guide you through the home buying journey without affecting the Home Assist program requirements.

Do I have to use your preferred lender?

Yes, you are required to use our preferred lender. This program was developed from our builder and just one of the lenders we work with. Outside sourced lenders and online lending services can’t be used with Home Assist.

What do I do next?

Browse our website, blog or Facebook to learn more about our floor plans, financing, credit repair, and where we build. Explore our floor plans and new home features to see all the grand things you get in our homes.

Apply today! It’s fast and easy.

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