David Profenno - Home Town Builders Central Florida

Home Town Builders of Central Florida

“Building Futures, One Home at a Time”

When David Profenno received his first hard hat at the age of seven, he became “fascinated with the construction industry”. His great grandfather, Camillo Profenno, and his son, David’s grandfather, (the man who gave him that hat), founded Camillo Construction Company in 1907 and taught David the importance of quality in construction.

Inspired to continue the family legacy of construction with passion and character, David builds the American Dream through the family business now known as Home Town Builders.

Because of a strong affinity for the small family business. David works with family owned businesses and subcontractors who take pride in the quality of work they provide. He strives to provide affordable and quality new home construction in Poinciana and throughout Central Florida.


Home Town Builders’ homes in Poinciana and throughout Central Florida are designed by a certified Architect to maximize all usable space—and to make that space the most livable, sustainable, and inspiring environment for you. Every time you throw a trash bag in the garage, have friends over for brunch, or come home to relax after a hard day, you’ll appreciate important details like tailored family entries, customized kitchens, and great floor planning in each of our home designs.


Since 1907, the Profenno family has been setting the benchmark for new homes that families want: well thought out designs, innovative features that make life easier, and great value in excellent locations throughout Central Florida. Home Town Builders’ dedication toward building quality new homes in Poinciana and throughout Central Florida at an affordable price, with exceptional attention to customer service, is the foundation of our family business. We are thrilled to help your family find the perfect place to call home.


When it comes to where we build, we take every minor detail into consideration including market trends and demographics which results in creating vibrant neighborhoods that offer an array of conveniences. We like to say, “We build where families love to live!” Home Town Builders neighborhood’s have easy access to services, groceries, entertainment, shopping, schools, major roads, and recreation opportunities.